Starnight ST110Ac

Starnight ST110Ac

Get approval from local police office before presetting the police phone number as

the alarm phone number( can set 6 phone number and 10 SMS)

 Ensure the system is in the correct installation, then connect AC power supply with

the panel

 Only suitable for DC 12V 7AH sealed lead rechargeable storage battery, be cautious

to connect red positive line with positive terminal +,and black negative line with

negative terminal(-). The incorrect connection will cause damage of main panel.

Rechargeable current ≤ 1.5A

Avoid metal parts or hand contact to the electronic parts on the circuit when install

the lines.

Must use 2.7K resistor short unused wired zone

Mark wires to avoid miss-connection when using too many wired zones

Cut off all AC power supply, battery and telephone line before maintenance

Short JP1 when reset main panel

The 1.00MM copper-core wire from the keypad to alarm panel is up to 150 meters, 4

keypads can be connected in series

Note: After the programming being in progress to the host is finished, please spring with

lead plane JP1 place to keep the jumper wire cap down batch away, to prevent others

from carrying out operation on your host, and enhance the security of the host.

1.3 Features

High speed digital communication, compatible ADEMCO4+2, CID digital

communication protocolSend alarm signal to alarm center.

With eight-way output module can be customized output: Linkage output; remote

control output (mainly USED IN linked with the monitoring, control home appliances.

Lamp, exactly see 4.35

Different programmable settings, such as alarm sounds, zone types, recording,

monitoring, remote controlling, telephone number, phone line Check, and etc.

Compatible with wired and wireless function



1 group 6 bits primary passwords, 15 groups subsidiary setting passwords are

available to improve security;

6 groups of phone number and 3 group alarm center phone number could be set

When the alarm activated, it could repeat dialing the numbers.

8 ARM modes: exit ARM, boundary ARM, single zone ARM, delay ARM, remote

ARM, compel ARM , remote ARM and preset time ARM.

6 DISARM modes: single zone DISARM, keypad password DISARM, long distance

DISARM, time DISARM, remote setting DISARM, DISARM when connecting alar

8 zone modes: instant zone, delay zone, 24 hours zone, boundary zone , fire alarm

zone, gas zone, check zone, and BY-PASS zone

Remote control function, external monitor, monitoring from long-distance.

Built-in voice module, 10~20seconds record, voice alarm function

Set the alarm delay time and siren yelp time

Search record of emergency

Remote controller can be used to set alarm, DIS-ALARM, emergency alarm and

other operation.

Operate from keypad, easily and convenient.

Phone line malfunction indication function: system will alarm when phone line is cut

off or short.

The alarm dialling is in priority

Backup DC 12V 7AH sealed lead rechargeable battery support work when AC

power cut off

“Watch dog” function, to avoid system down.

Remark: Pull out the jumper head in JP1 of the main panel after finishing program

for the main panel, which can prevent other person operate the main panel and

improve security.

1.4 Configuration

Main configuration

Metal box 1pc (transformer and main board inside)

Keypad (LED display 1pc

User Manual 1pc

Accessories bag 1pc phone line, 1 bag terminal resistance, 1 pc antenna

Wireless receiver parts

1.5 Main specification

Power supply AC220V+10%

Stand by consume current: ≤100mA

Power: <1.5W

Alarm output current: <650mA, 12V

Output voltage: DC12V15V

Wireless receiver frequency: 433MHZ

Working temperature: -10

Product Information: Starnight ST110Ac
Dimensions: Width: 235mm m Height: 70mm m Length: 255mm m
Weight: 2500 G